2014: Amazon Basin Exploring

3 months, dual canoe with brother

My brother Patrick had been living in Brazil in a 400 pound wooden canoe for a couple of years, and invited me to come paddle with him one summer.

We paddled upstream on the Rio Negro for 18 days before our canoe was swamped and we had to abandon our endeavour. After that, we hitchhiked around northern Amazonas for a month before my VISA expired and I had to return to the United States.

2016: Bicycle tour England to Greece

4 months, about 5,000 miles, tandem bicycle

I cycled on a tandem bicycle with a partner I was dating at the time. We started in England and went east, catching a ferry to the Netherlands. Then we went south through Belgium and into France. At Paris, we went west along La Loire to the Atlantic ocean, and then south to Bordeaux. We crossed southern France and took a ferry to Corsica, then another ferry from Corsica to Italy. We cycled across Italy west to east, and took our last ferry to Greece, where we ended our tour in Athens.

2017: Missouri River source to confluence

100 days, 2300 miles, solo kayak

The Missouri River is the longest river in North America. The navigable source is in Three Forks, Montana and the river winds its way east to the Dakotas, south to Kansas, and east again across the state of Missouri, where it confluences with the Mississippi River in St. Louis. This was my first solo expedition.

2019: Mississippi River source to St, Louis

2.5 months, 1,600 miles, solo rowing canoe

Originally intending on rowing the entire river to the Gulf of Mexico, I had to get off the water in St, Louis due to a family emergency. I still covered roughly 1,600 miles, starting at Lake Itasca, Minnesota, and traveling south through 29 locks to reach the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. I put a Piantedosi Row Wing rig in my Grumman canoe, which converted the canoe into a sliding-seat rowboat with oars.

2020: Mississippi River Kansas City to Texas

4.5 months, 2,700 miles, (mostly) solo rowing canoe

Here I picked up where I left off the year before, except I backtracked 400 miles to row the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Louis with a group of friends. From St. Louis to Baton Rouge I was solo on the Mississippi River before linking up with another thru-paddler I met on the river. We traveled together to the Gulf, where my new friend went back home and I continued west. I rowed along the Gulf coastline to Port Fourchon, where I went upstream on Bayou LaFourche to intercept the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). I took the ICW west to Galveston Bay, then rowed upstream on a small river called the Trinity River, ending my expedition about 80 miles upstream at my childhood home.

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